Welcome to the Parading and Public Assemblies website!

Welcome to the Parading and Public Assemblies website. We are here to provide a forum for public consultations on the issue of parading in Northern Ireland and public assemblies in general. Although hostilities have vastly decreased in Northern Ireland and from afar all might seem quite peaceful now, the issue of parading and the difficulties attached the holding of public consultations continues to cause problems. The separate factions in Northern Ireland continue to hold their parades, and these can often lead to flashpoints of anger, and still, on rare occasions, violence, even though for many people the Northern Ireland conflict has long since ended.

Although many of the parades are held for reasons other than the political, they are inextricably linked to the separate factions in the conflict, and as such are a powerful reminder of the differences that still exist in the region. So why do they continue to be held? Well, if someone hijacks a peaceful protest, for example, and uses it for their own violent ends, as happened in London during the recent student marches, does that negate the need or the right of the original, peaceful protesters? No it does not. The original reasons for the parades in Northern Ireland are still viable. And people have the right to parade, as long as the parade doesn’t incite hatred or violence, or incite some other kind of public disorder, and logistically does not violate any health and safety laws. If none of these issues arise, then why shouldn’t people put on a parade, if that is what they want to do? If you are interested in Parading and Public Assemblies, feel free to contact us.

'Covenant' parade to converge on Stormont
THOUSANDS of Orangemen are set to converge on Stormont later this year to mark the centenary of the Ulster Covenant.

Other projects include the building of 6 houses in Hyson Green for Nottingham Community Housing Association, development work at Stonebridge City Farm, the regeneration of Bulwell Hall Community Garden,

Welcome to the Parading and Public Assemblies website

Parading and the holding of public assemblies has been a contentious issue in Northern Ireland for many years now. To an outsider it might seem gratuitous, an unnecessary way of stoking up ill-feeling and potential violence. But what are the reasons for this? And why should it be so? Surely the right to assemble peacefully is an inalienable right of any group? We hope to shed some light on these matters. Why not get in touch with our Parading and Public Assemblies experts to learn more.

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